Proclamation of
“Save the World” Vision

The 20th New Life Family Walkathon

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The Intl. WeLoveU Foundation proclaimed its vision “Save the World” at its 20th New Life Family Walkathon held in Seoul World Cup Peace Square on May 6, 2019. Before the International Day of Families (May 15), Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah and directors of the WeLoveU, foreign diplomats from 16 countries with their families, and more than 6,000 WeLoveU members attended the walkathon.

“Save the World”: WeLoveU’s Vision for the Earth and Humankind

The “Save the World” vision helps to direct the WeLoveU’s activities and future as a global welfare organization. The world is suffering from climate change and environmental pollution. Furthermore, our neighbors in the global village are suffering from disasters, diseases, and poverty. Based on the vision, the WeLoveU will carry out diverse and humanitarian activities to make humankind happy and the earth a healthy planet.

The 20th New Life Family Walkathon where the “Save the World” vision was proclaimed began at 10:20 a.m. with a cheerful performance of the New Life Children’s Choir. During the opening ceremony, Honorary Chairwoman Zahng Gil-jah hoped that the powerful steps through the event would deliver the message of hope and love to all the families under difficult circumstances in the global village, who had been waiting for a helping hand. Ambassadors to Korea from eight countries gave congratulatory speeches, and a former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered a congratulatory video message. They expressed their gratitude to the WeLoveU Foundation for its volunteer activities and encouraged it to create a sustainable future as a global NGO (non-governmental organization).

“Save the World” Vision for a Sustainable Future

At the proclamation ceremony for the “Save the World” vision, the WeLoveU presented its goals and implementation plans: “Saving the Earth,” “Saving Lives,” and “Saving Humanity.” The WeLoveU members gave a big round of applause, supporting the vision of saving the earth from catastrophe and creating a future full of hope for humankind.

Through the walkathon, the WeLoveU donated 3,110,000 KRW (280,000 USD) to the following: 135 underprivileged or multicultural households, child abuse victims in four group homes, and wildfire refugees in Gangwon Province, Korea; and war refugees, disaster victims, climate refugees, and socially vulnerable groups in eleven countries. The participants were proud, knowing their small acts of kindness could help their neighbors in need and send hope across the global village.

Meaningful First Step of the WeLoveU Foundation

“It was my first time to attend a walkathon. It was amazing, and I felt grateful to join a good cause of saving the environment. This event was a great educational experience for my child as well. While preparing a lunch box this morning, I picked up his water bottle and said, ‘No plastic bags and straws today!’ It is a small deed, but it reminds me that we can all coexist by protecting our environment. I’d like to encourage the beneficiaries to remember that we are here for them.” Kim Eun-ah, a member from Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea

The WeLoveU members walked the beautiful park with their families where spring flowers were in bloom. After completing the course, they enjoyed many side events like the cultural exchange booths of seven countries which introduced each country’s traditional games, costumes, food, craft items, and regional products. It was exciting and informative. Children, their parents, and even their grandparents lined up for the booths. Kim Mi-kyeong (from Yangcheon-gu, Seoul) who participated in the cultural exchange with her two daughters said, “I like it because my children could experience foreign cultures without actually visiting those countries and understand that all children in the global village are our family.”

The WeLoveU members had a joyful time with their families. They also had a close look at the panel exhibition on the climate refugees and climate disasters. The exhibition presented the sufferings of people around the world through statistics and photographs. The guests from the embassies and the WeLoveU members agreed on the necessity of helping underprivileged people and were willing to cooperate with the WeLoveU. It was such a meaningful day when the WeLoveU took its first step toward a future full of hope for humankind and the earth.