Helping Cyclone Victims in Mozambique

The 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the U.S.

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Two consecutive cyclones caused devastation in Mozambique in 2019. To help Mozambique, the Intl. WeLoveU Foundation held the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon at Liberty State Park in New Jersey, U.S., on July 28, 2019. Around 2,500 people, including the WeLoveU members from the U.S. East Coast Chapter, residents, and distinguished guests such as H.E. Carlos Dos Santos the Ambassador of Mozambique to the U.S., Congressman Donald Payne Jr., Actor-Climate Reality Project Leader Tim Guinee, and UN DGC Public Information Officer Felipe Queipo, participated in the event.

“Cheer Up, Mozambique!”

The intense cyclones killed more than 640 people and directly affected about 2.2 million people in Mozambique. The WeLoveU Foundation decided to help them through its 23rd walkathon, the last relay walkathon in 2019, as part of the “Save the World” project, helping people and the earth suffering from climate change and disasters.

The ceremony began at 9 a.m. with the members’ performance about family love. Afterwards, the WeLoveU Foundation’s U.S. President Daniel Lee of East Coast Chapter gave an opening speech, and Ambassador H.E. Carlos Dos Santos and distinguished guests delivered congratulatory speeches. They emphasized that we should solve the problems the earth faces and help those in need together as we are one big family living in the global village.

Supporting for Mozambique; Ruminating on the SDGs

The walkathon raised a donation of 50,000 USD for Mozambique. After delivering a donation and taking a commemorative photo, the participants began walking with their family members or friends. Along the 5 km-[3.1 mile] walking course, cheer teams lifted their spirits. The participants could fill their glass water bottles provided by the WeLoveU beforehand at water stations.

After completing the 5 km walking course, they could experience various activity booths: face painting, spinning a wheel to get familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals [SDGs], a display of cartoons, “StartDoingGood,” drawn by some members to introduce the SDGs, and many more. The participants learned about the seventeen goals and how to practice them and wrote messages on a signature board to express their determination to carry out the goals. A photo zone and exhibition panels about the WeLoveU Foundation’s worldwide blood drives added entertainment to the event.

Toward a Hopeful Future for Humankind and the Earth

“I felt a great deal of solidarity from the speeches today and the responses from the participants. The donations will go far to help those who lost all they have. They will get their life back on track and rebuild their houses and workplaces. They will be provided with clean water, medicine, and medical supplies. I am grateful to the WeLoveU Foundation. I will continue to work with the WeLoveU Foundation.” H.E. Carlos Dos Santos the Ambassador of Mozambique to the U.S.

The participants ruminated on the responsibility to take care of their communities and the earth. They hoped their gathered efforts could deliver hope and comfort to Mozambicans. The 2019 worldwide relay walkathon ended with the 23rd New Life Family Walkathon in the U.S. after being held in Korea, the Philippines, and Peru. The WeLoveU Foundation will continue to work together with the world for a sustainable future.

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